Whitelocke Publications

Who Are We?

Whitelocke Publications is a dynamic start-up company built on its founder’s twenty-year experience in publishing.

We specialise in Law, Philosophy, History, Theology, and Cultural Studies.

Our strengths lie in the speed with which we respond to authors’ queries, the highly-personalised service we offer our authors, and the enthusiasm and determination with which we are set on marketing and selling our authors’ books.  

What Are We Looking For?

We are a UK academic publisher looking for valid authors who wish to publish their first work.

We are also looking for valid authors whose first language is not English to help them penetrate the English-speaking market. We are looking for authors with a particular interest in law, philosophy, history, theology, and cultural studies.

For non-native speakers of English: Do you have a good manuscript ready for publication, but have been rejected by the more established publishers? Do not despair. If the only problem is linguistic, then we are here to help you. We can publish your book after we do linguistic editing. No other publisher will help you with that. Our service is unique.

Get In Touch!

If you think you can satisfy our only requisite - the high standard of your book’s content - then please get in touch. 

We’ll do our best to transform your manuscript into a book of very high quality to serve as a vehicle for your knowledge and research.

Together we can be a great team - promoting your work and making a success of your book!

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