Information for new authors

Whitelocke Publications are happy to receive proposals for academic books in English on Law and Legal Studies. 

We only accept exclusive submissions. We want to have a personal and trusting relationship with you.

Manuscripts should ideally be between 75,000 and 150,000 words, including footnotes. However we may consider longer or shorter proposals at our discretion.

Standard practice would be for us to receive a book proposal rather than a completed manuscript, though the latter is acceptable under certain circumstances.

For information on the OSCOLA referencing style, please visit here.

Send your manuscript and/or proposal to


Se Lei ha preparato un testo in inglese e non é riuscito a farlo pubblicare in Inghilterra o negli USA a causa dell’inglese, non si preoccupi. Ci invii il manoscritto, noi lo ripuliremo e glielo pubblichiamo. Ci scriva su, e Le risponderemo subito con maggiori dettagli.   


Если Вы написали на английском языке книгу о праве, но из-за недостаточного уровня знания английского языка не смогли опубликовать ее в Великобритании или США - не волнуйтесь! Свяжитесь с нами! И мы поможем отредактировать и опубликуем книгу на английском языке! Отправьте Вашу рукопись на адрес нашей электронной почты:, и мы немедленно свяжемся с Вами   

Guidelines For Authors

Please download the document below for guidelines if you wish to submit a proposal or manuscript.